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    Infinity Blade, the first iPhone game to use Unreal Engine 3, created a game that could only work with a touch screen. The result is a beautiful, addictive, and surprisingly deep game easily among the best available on iOS4 devices. :)

    Infinity Blade begins with an assault on the castle of the God King. It’s unclear why you have a beef with the God King, but he seems like a bad enough guy to merit a sword in the face. Unfortunately, you can’t even get past his giant guardian, who quickly crushes you. The God King then drives the treasured Infinity Blade through your chest, absorbing your essence.

    Twenty years later, you return as the son of the fallen hero, out for revenge. Battling your way through the castle, you fight against tougher enemies but have all the skills and items of your ancestor. Then the God King, who is far more powerful, beats you in combat and shoves his sword through your chest. And so your son eventually comes to the castle seeking revenge. So goes the endless loop of Infinity Blade, which manages to continue this cycle even after you’ve slain the God King. :bravo:

    The prize is a bit expensive, $5.99 but the app is great!

    Here you can find the link:


    Este ni lo traduce, antes molabas.


    Va venga, uno es gracioso, dos es motivo de destruducsión del hilo (y del resto de hilos que crees de ahora en adelante) a manos del dios pagano de Anait, el gran Smegchompa.

    David LlortDavid Llort

    Interesante. Infinity Blade y el Cut the Rope son de empresas distintas.

    Es una especie de community manager freelance dedicada a spamear de distintas compañías?


    Ambas pertenecen a EA.

Viendo 5 entradas - de la 1 a la 5 (de un total de 5)
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