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    Para entrar en la beta: http://beta.theshowdowneffect.com/





    What is The Showdown Effect?
    The Showdown Effect (TSE) is an online action game for the PC/Mac. The game is set in an 80’s action move setting and features high paced action, dynamic environments, cool gimmicks and powerful weapons with an 80’s clichéd twist.

    Online action 80’s and weapons? Buzzword bingo! Wait what?!
    Listen – it’s not that hard – Imagine Worms in real-time, on crack and add character customization and unlocks inspired by those oh-so-common modern shooters. Now combine that with an unhealthy amount of 80’s action movie cheesiness and over the top action and you’ve got yourself The Showdown Effect. The trailer really sums it up.

    Who is making The Showdown Effect?
    The game is published by Paradox Interactive and is developed by Arrowhead Game Studios (creators of Magicka) and Pixeldiet Entertainment.

    Does that mean that they aren’t making Magicka stuff anymore?
    Arrowhead has grown! And with the help of Pixeldiet they’ve got the capacity to make Magicka and The Showdown Effect.

    On what platforms will TSE be available?
    The Showdown Effect will be released for PC and Mac.

    What?! No console version?

    When will the game be released?
    The game will be released when it’s done – in 2012.

    Ok – this sounds pretty damned awesome / I’m really not convinced yet – What about the price?
    It’s going to be priced in the same range as Magicka. How does that float your boat?

    Where will I be able to buy the game?
    Through your favorite digital download portals including Steam!

    How do I stay up-to-date to “TSE” news? Ask questions? Rage about balancing? And get gaming tips?
    You will be able to follow TSE news and development through the Paradox Forums, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

    Arrowhead, eh? So this is going to be like Magicka?
    No. This is an entirely new project with a completely different gameplay, setting and approach compared to Magicka. However… we can promise the unique Arrowhead sense of detail, humor, gameplay and flair.

    That sounds like marketing speak for “as buggy and broken as Magicka was at launch” will it be?
    Touché! We’re very happy to tell you that The Showdown Effect is being made in a brand new engine (BitSquid engine) which is a stable and robust engine…unlike other ones. Additionally you know those Pixeldiet devs we mentioned earlier? They are veteran (LvL 21) programmers and they’re really good.

    What has been the inspiration of this game?
    Gameplay: Games such as Liero, Soldat, MegaMan X, Smash Bros and Worms has been strong inspirations.
    Setting: Badass action movies from the 80’s and early 90’s such as Die Hard, Hardboiled, Running Man, The Fifth Element, Terminator, Conan the barbarian etc etc.

    Gameplay & Features

    Will TSE feature online multiplayer?
    Yes! Around 8 players multiplayer PvP (including team modes)

    This is a PC game – so we can expect dedicated servers right?
    YES Of course, what do you take us for? ANIMALS?!

    What different types of game modes will be featured?
    The game will feature Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and the Showdown Mode, where players receive merit based how they move and act during the match; if you defeat an opponent while jumping through a window is much cooler than just defeating it plain and simple! We’ve got a few surprises to reveal down the line as well.

    Any single player? I miss the great story lines from 80’s action movies.
    No. Go watch Universal Soldier or Commando again.

    How many playable characters will there be in TSE?
    Several different playable characters will be available at release, each representing a stereotype character from the 80’s era of action movies.

    So I play as a stereotype – what about customization?
    Each character in itself is the same as any other except for their appearance. But different equipment means different roles, and each of the characters will have their own set of base items.

    How many different maps will be available in the game?
    We’re aiming for a few different environments to start with a few levels each. You’ll have to wait and see

    What about additional content? DLC? Maps?
    We’re launching with a strong base game that we can build upon for years to come. We’ve got tons of plans for new characters, gadgets, weapons, items, taunts, environments, music, SFX and more. First we release the game – then we take Manhattan!
    Paradox, Arrowhead and Pixeldiet are big fans of not splitting the player base and we’ll always take that into account when developing additional content for the game.


    What about modding?
    Although we’d like to we won’t be able to launch with Mod tools. Maybe down the line. Making a game is hard and time consuming enough.

    Comments Castellon overheard after announcing the game.
    So here are some comments my friends had when I was discussing the game with them.
    “Remember when I said I would kill you last?, I only meant it if you buy this game first.” –Arnold
    “Yippee Ki-yay …” –Bruce


    ¿Me lo parece a mí o pinta demasiado bien?


    Por eso ya es GOTY.


    Ya no me acordaba de que los creadores de Magicka anunciaban juego nuevo. Y tiene pintaza, habrá que echarle el ojo.
    P.D.:Esto me recuerda que tengo que jugar al Magicka….


    De el stream de ayer de Paradox: http://www.twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive/b/313145546

    Id a 1 hora y 2 minutos para el gameplay y charla.

    Cosas chulas:
    -Las animaciones son tan osom como en el trailer.


    @deimos dijo:

    Solo espero que tenga mapas con mas luz y en sitios mas abiertos.


    Ya me había olvidado del juego. Ese mapa de Inglaterra me encanta!
    Aun no tiene fecha?

    Pato NaziPato Nazi

    Tengo 3 betas para steam. Si alguien quiere una, que me mande un mp o algo.


    Dame una a mí. Si no te importa. Guapo.

    Pato NaziPato Nazi

    No, a ti no.

    edit: ¿Funciona?


    Edit: Sí.


    Goder!! Solo he leido Liero y betas y me he puesto todo bruto te sigue sobrando alguna por caridad?

    Pato NaziPato Nazi

    Ahora me queda una.

    Pato NaziPato Nazi

    Bueno, ya lo he probado un poco y… me ha gustado más de lo que pensaba, aunque no sea mi tipo de juego. Lo volveré a probar mañana, cuando vaya (un poco) menos bebido. A ver si así no lo hago tan mal.

    Edit: no me deja registrar el código en el foro de paradox. ¿A alguien más le pasa?


    Mañana lo probaré. Me da pereza buscar el ratón.


    Confirmo GOTYcidad


    Uno no se da cuenta de lo bueno que es hasta que juega con amigos, ya que con randoms todos llevan katana y metralleta, que son las dos armas más descompensadas del juego, las más potentes y a la vez las que requieren menos skill, todo en uno, pero una vez juegas con el resto de armas, el juego es impresionante.

    A ver que tal los añadidos en el futuro y el rebalanceo del juego, pero puede ser muy grande.


    A mí me ha recordado al Soldat. No sé si alguien lo jugó, pero es muy del estilo.


    No he jugado al SOLDAT pero por los videos diría que es de su »género», y me parece una muy buena noticia ya que no está prácticamente explotado.


    Yo quiero una beta, ¿quedan?

    Ya tengo! quien quiera que pida, me quedan dos


    Este finde está de gratis en el Steam, guaches.

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