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    [quote:2nckpmya]Blade & Soul’s perk is the new targeting system. The targeting changes depending on where the character is facing, meaning that the movement of a character is already part of the strategy. All actions are also dependent on player decisions. These two aspects put together make for some very exciting gameplay.

    Sung-Jin Kang said "The decision to block or counter an attack constantly happens. During these decision we’ve taken out the meaningless decision making so you could focus on what’s important in a battle. We achieved this through action keys. Aerial skills can be done by one or two keys depending on your decision making. You can also achieve fancy combat through minimal controls and this can all be done with the mouse and keyboard."

    The combat system can be seen and played without too much assistance from the UI and that is the main concept behind the combat system overall. Simplistic controls with a spectacular result. In addition to all this, useless skills become unusable so you don’t have to worry about making useless decisions. The UI and battle systems are incredibly user friendly.

    Mas info y fotos chulas en el link: [url:2nckpmya][/url:2nckpmya]


    Un avance en el sistema de combate de un mmo… D:

    Jugarlo con lag va a ser divertido…

Viendo 2 entradas - de la 1 a la 2 (de un total de 2)
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